Friday, January 28, 2011


If you go to Youtube, you will find a ton of videos addressing the issue of survival. 

Some focus on the BOB, or bug out bag for those unfamiliar with that term, which is simply a bag that contains a variety of items extremely useful for surviving in the event of a disaster.

Others focus on discussing various SHTF (sh*t hits the fan) scenarios, what might happen, what we can do, etc.

Still others have set up whole channels focused on covering any aspect of survival they can find, ways to preserve food, or deal with the economic fallout of a crashing economy, and so forth.

I'm planning on linking to some of these videos here, in the hopes that maybe some bored person surfing the web might stumble onto this blog and find something they can actually use. 

My philosophy is simple. No one survives in a vacuum.  And it's far better to have others to work with than to try and tough it out on your own.  So if any information I find helps someone else, great. If no one ever finds this blog, ah well, at least I made the effort, and had some fun finding the interesting ways people have found to prepare for whatever might come our way.

Feel free to share any info you have, including links to your own blogs or videos. I will look forward to seeing them. :D

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